A letter for help

To: Aggie@yahoo.com From: Joe@heinfo.net

  Subject: Help! Date: 21/06/2006 10:02 am

  Dear Aunt Aggie,

  I'm having a problem with my classmate, Rena, at school. The other day I wrote an e-mail to another classmate, Beth. In the e-mail I said something about Rena that perhaps wasn't very nice. Unluckily, when Beth was writing back to me, she accidentally forwarded(无意间转发) the message to Rena! Now Rena is really angry with me and doesn't talk to me, and Beth is unhappy as well. She's said sorry to me a hundred times already, but the harm has been done. I feel bad, because I never would have said those things to Rena's face, but how do I get her to forgive me? What should I do?


  To: Joe@heinfo.net From: Aggie@yahoo.com

  Subject: Some advice Date: 22/06/2006 10:45 am

  Dear Joe,

  This problem is more common than you might think! E-mail is very useful, but also very dangerous, as you don't know where your message might end up!